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Modified 20-Sep-23
Created 17-Oct-19
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This boat is a 1985 Hull #23 Tim Sharkey built while working for Bullet Boats Inc in New Jersey. The boat was purchased through an online auction site in 2019 and is being completely rebuilt and repowered with a freshened up SST60.
The entire process is being documented with photos and some videos.
The original Bullet model was called Bullet 130. This boat is being rebranded to Bullet 130 SV. SV standing for “Sharkey Version”
Approximately 6 months after digging into the restoration, Sharkey located his original mold that he redesigned while he built them under his own company SHARKEY BOATS INC. after Bullet Boats had closed down. The mold has been purchased back by Sharkey and provided it to LSB POWERBOATS LLC in Maryland and they have now put them back into production.
This great boat will live on for generations.
Enjoy the restoration…