Welcome to the site of Professional Photographer/Videographer Tim Sharkey .
Having started his photography career with shooting Extreme Sports and having his work published in the mainstream publications such as Boating, Powerboat, Performance Boats, Poker Runs America, Sport Boat, H2o, Soundings and is a regular contributor to Speed on the Water magazine, that did not stop him from becoming more diversified by shooting many other subjects outside of the Extreme Sports. His largest project to date is the documentation of Superstorm Sandy in which his work premiered on NJTV's "Tales of the Jersey Shore" and continues to shoot the areas effected by the storm. Real Estate Photography is also available to all agents. Be sure to browse the many Galleries within this website. You may need a photographer/videographer for a particular project where Sharkey may provide those services for you.
Sharkey lives by Wayne Gretzky's quote,
" You miss 100% of the shots you do not take."