How to Place an Order with Sharkey-Images


  • Step 1 Access the GALLERY to find the image or images you would like to purchase. ALL GALLERIES CLICK HERE
  • Step 2 Take note of the gallery or galleries name in which the image or images appear.
  • Step 3 Take note of the image's ID # located below the image.
  • Step 4 Click on the CUSTOM PRODUCTS tab in the top main MENU.
  • Step 5 As you will see there are many ways to print an image. Our most popular are the METAL PRINTS
  • Step 6 Note the product you would like and the size you prefer.
  • NOTE:  Most of our images are shot in a 2:3 ratio.  5:4 ratio orders will loose up to 1" per side of the image in cropping.
  • STEP 7 After having all of your information for the order then email the information to [email protected]
  • Step 8  Include: Name, Phone #, Email, Shipping address and type shipping . Options: Economy, Standard, Expedited, Express.
  • Step 9  Sharkey will email back an invoice for all costs which may be paid online (3.25% processing fee applies) unless paid by cash or check.
  • Step 10  Once invoice is paid, the order will be placed. Please allow 5-10 business days to receive your order.
  • Note: Shipping times start after the Production Time has passed and are counted as Business Days.


Any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email Sharkey

Office Phone: 732-920-PICS  (7247)

Cell 732-864-6796

Email [email protected]

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