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Sutton Thomas Music Video "Greenhouse"

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Story Credits by Tyrant


Tom Gleason: "I had been singing and writing songs at the piano since I was seven. When I had enough good songs, I asked a young drummer around the corner to join my band – his name was Tom Contreras, a phenomenal drummer and great vocalist as well.  He toured with STP for quite a while as a drum tech and has performed with them live as well.
At this point I was 9 and Tom Contreras was 7. We practiced playing and singing together and his father, who managed some nightclubs in the New Jersey area where we lived, allowed us to sit in when the bands took breaks and play our originals. You could barely see us on stage but we were good. I called the band Wonderspace.
I was friends with Dean at school since about second grade and we started hanging out. I knew he was learning the guitar, so I asked him to join the band as well. We played together as a trio for a while and honed our craft, then we added a bass player, Jeff Madole, another friend from school. From this point we practiced a lot and played gigs at clubs and colleges and parties. We also went into the recording studio for the first time and cut a record called “Into the Hollow.” We became quite popular after playing a huge concert at our High School. We practiced in my parent’s basement and Dean still thanks them on all the STP records.

Click on the VIDEO below for the opening song "GREENHOUSE" . 

Link to Video of : "I Drank to Forget"




My father owned some restaurants in New York City and got us some gigs at nightclubs up there, so we played a lot in NY and we would showcase for record companies when we could. We got a great write up in Variety magazine as a young band to watch with great music and harmonies – hailed as the next Bee Gees. Dean and Tom and I were like brothers and spent every moment together writing and playing.
When Jeff left the band we took a short break to look for another bass player and to write a lot more songs. I wrote a lot of the songs alone and Dean and I wrote a lot together and we had some great times. We found another bass player, Tracy White, and I suggested we change the name of the band to The Sage’s Pages. We had a very polished progressive rock sound with incredible complex vocal harmonies and played often and gained in popularity.
At this point, we played a lot in New York in clubs like Trax and CBGB’s as well as New Jersey clubs like The Stone Pony and Big Man’s West sharing the bill with up and comers like Bon Jovi, who was “John Bongiovi and the Wild Ones” at that time. We secured management and had some serious interest, but it never panned out.
The other three guys wanted to play a lot more cover tunes and I was a songwriter first and foremost and I was against the idea – so they split and formed Tyrus. I believe Robert joined them as well. Robert had always been around Wonderspace and The Pages, just paying attention and learning to play in his spare time. When I built my first recording studio, Robert came in and he and I did an entire album together and had a lot of creative and productive sessions. He is an amazingly creative musician and great fun to be around.

I then formed another incredible band called Elias with Rob Affuso, who would later become the drummer of Skid Row when they formed about six years later. We played Sundays at the Stone Pony opening up for Bruce Springsteen among other gigs.

I became Sutton Thomas and formed The Sutton Thomas Band with my old friend and Wonderspace drummer Tom Contreras and some other guys and we had some regional success and recorded a lot. I also built a successful recording studio business and wrote a lot of big TV commercial Jingles like Sands Casino with Cher, Pennzoil, Liz Taylor’s Passion perfume, Sunkist and many more. 
I moved my Production Company, Real Sound Media, to Nashville TN in the 90’s and concentrated on songwriting, composing and producing other artists and have done quite well at it and still enjoy it today."   READ MORE ...


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