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This Gallery demonstrates the Step by Step process on "How to Place an Order with Sharkey-Images. Once you are in the Product Category Section you may browse our full line of products that are offered.
Simply click on the 1st thumbnail and the Steps are listed under each image file. Proceed through the images of screenshots and their instructions to see how to place an order.
Step 1 Select the Gallery to Locate ImagesStep 2 Finalize Gallery SelectionStep 3 Mouse over the Green BUY button to Select Photos for PurchaseStep 4 Checkmark the images to be added to Shopping CartStep 5 Select Product GalleryStep 6 Example of Metal Print ProductsStep 7A Access Drop Down Menu by clicking Small Arrow to the top right.Step 7B Change Product by selecting from the Drop Down Menu Mouse-over to slide down to more productsStep 7C 12x18 size is selected for exampleStep 7D View additional optionsStep 7E Select preferred optionsStep 7F Verify Crop by clicking on the CROP button below imageStep 7G Anything outside orange lines will not be printed , verify then click SAVEStep 7H Click SAVE againStep 8 Add to Shopping CartStep 9 Screen appearsStep 10 Click Proceed to CHECKOUTStep 11 Register and CheckoutStep 12 Enter Shipping AddressStep 13 Select Shipping Method and type in Coupon Code if applies

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