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Modified 19-Jun-22
Created 1-Sep-14
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Thank You to those of you that had purchased the Memorial Collages.
A portion of the proceeds have been dispersed to these dedicated accounts.
Sophia's via a UTMA Account in her name in agreement with her Mother.
Jet & Moxie's via the at the recommendation of Dustin Whipple.

Being as a TRUST FUND was not established for any of the kids, and there is not a 501.3c Charity formed, Income Tax on the Collage transactions is required to be paid by Sharkey.
Sharkey-Images is pleased to report a total of $1,200 has been dispersed to the above mentioned accounts.
Please note:
This concludes all Fundraising efforts on the part of in regards to the Memorial Collage w/Mike Fiore within the
artwork .
THANK YOU Dedicated proceeds have been dispersed.YouCaring 004SOPHIA FIORE CHECKSOPHIA'S THANK YOU CARD